Roman Reigns Lashes Out at Critics After Heel Turn

Late last year, Roman Reigns returned from an absence because everyone was being careful with him during the pandemic era.

Now, he is back and with a new attitude too. Yes, he is now a heel and WWE gives him a long title run as world champion with a new manager in Paul Heyman and a right-hand man in his cousin Jey Uso. There are times when injuries turn out to be a blessing in disguise for some Spank Deals people as that is exactly what has happened here when Jey’s brother Jimmy went down. He went from hosting a karaoke to beating the likes of Kevin Owens and Daniel Bryan fair and square. He even made it to the final two in last month’s Elimination chamber until he eventually got beaten by Daniel Bryan.

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There is no shortage of people criticizing Roman Reigns for suddenly getting a push and he would lash out at these people all of a sudden.

When you are a famous personality, you will certainly get a lot of haters on the Internet. This is why the Internet is not really a good place to hang out when you appear on TV quite often. Even when you are a wrestler who puts other wrestlers over, you will have fans calling you a loser. Perhaps, Vince McMahon is the one who has people lash out at him because of some terrible booking decisions.


You have to give him credit as a smart man who makes all the right calls when it comes to giving people what they want.

His wrestlers perform in front of many people and he even wants Wrestlemania this year to be finally in front of fans. It feels depressing to not have these performers in front of fans because they live by the energy of the crowd. As a result, you would not hear the cheers or the jeers of the crowd.


Now, it is getting boring with Roman Reigns still the champ and some fans would lash out at that fact since a lot of other people would deserve to have a run with it too.

It feels great that Bobby Lashley finally got his hands on the world title after debuting way back in 2004 at the Survivor Series team of Raw vs Smackdown. It goes to show how long he’s gotten and thanks in large part to MVP, his manager who really believed in his capabilities. Yes, some fans would also lash out at that but Bobby Lashley is someone who will probably defend his title against Drew Mcintrye at this year’s Wrestlemania. Which one comes out on top is anybody’s guess as the important Porn Advisers thing is that everyone gets to have a lot of fun. After all, we are watching world-class performers do their best even if the fact that there is a pandemic. You have to give them credit for doing the best that they can given the circumstances around the world and we don’t know when it’s going to end.